↪ PhD Students

Blerta Lindqvist

Blerta Lindqvist is a PhD student in Computer Science. Blerta has a M.Sc. in Security and Mobile Computing from the Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, a M.Sc. in Information Technology from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Tirana, Albania. She is interested in Machine Learning and Brain Analytics. Her research is in collaboration with the Neurosurgery clinic at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Research Interests:

Computational Neuromodulation, Brain Data Analytics, Machine Learning

Vladimir Ivanov

Vladimir Alexandrovich Ivanov is a Phd student in Computer Science. In 2014, he earned his B.S. in Mathematics and Accounting at Fairfield University. Until mid-2016 he worked in industry and acquired his CPA. Vladimir’s main goal and interest is to reverse engineer the brain’s neural processes in order to further advance the capabilities of artificial intelligence systems. Specifically, his current research interests include memory creation and consolidation, and the effects of support cells within CNS on neural information processing. Other disciplines Vladimir engages in are philosophy, weight training, skiing, backpacking, piano, and bio-hacking.

Research Interests:

Biologically Constrained Neural Networks, Associative Learning, Neural Information Representation, Fluid Intelligence

Guangzhi Tang

Guangzhi is a PhD student in Computer Science. He got his MS degree in the lab. Before coming to Rutgers, he got his B.S. degree in Computer Science from Nanjing University in China. He is an amateur road cyclist, and member of Rutgers Cycling team. He is interested in neuro-inspired algorithms for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Research Interests:

Neurocomputing, Robotics

Neelesh Kumar

Neelesh Kumar is a PhD student in Computer Science co-supervised by Dimitri Metaxas and Konstantinos Michmizos. He got his MS degree in the lab. Before coming to Rutgers, he got his B.Tech degree from India. His research interest lies in using machine learning techniques to find hidden structures in data. He also follows football and is a passionate Chelsea FC fan.

Research interest:

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Quantum Mechanics

↪ MS Students

Praveenram Balachandar

Praveen is a Master's student in Computer Science. Before coming to Rutgers, he got his B.E. degree in Electronics and Communication from SSN College of Engineering, Anna University in India. He has also worked in the industry as a software engineer and software quality improvement specialist. He is interested in studying and modeling how the brain processes and interprets information.

Research Interests:

Neurocomputing, Robotics

Fan Yang

Fan Yang is a master student in computer science. He received training in biomedical sciences during his undergraduate study in China. Later he earned his master's degree in statistics from Rutgers and worked in the industry as a statistician. His main interest lies in applying machine learning techniques in neuroscience and brain research. Fan enjoys multiple sports like soccer, table tennis, and badminton and takes Go as an intellectual entertainment.

Research Interest:

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Neuroscience

Chintan Trivedi

↪ Research Assistant

Leo Kozachkov

Leo Kozachkov is a Research Assistant working on computationally-light models of glia cells. Leo earned a B.S in Physics from Rutgers University in May, 2016 with Honors. Within science, Leo is broadly interested in the intersection of Theoretical Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence. Outside of science, he has enjoyed (so far) over a decade of making art. See more about Leo in his personal site.

Research Interests:

Theoretical/Computational Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence

↪ Undergraduate Students

Roopeswar Kommalapati

Roopesh is a Sophomore studying Computer Science and Mathematics at Rutgers. His interests lie in developing Neurogames, emerging VR and AR platforms, and the application of neural networks to financial markets. He is interested in developing serious games for non-invasive neuromodulation and specifically for neuro-rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

Research Interests:

Neuro-Rehabilitation Games


R. Kommalapati, K.P. Michmizos, "Virtual Reality for Pediatric Neuro-Rehabilitation: Adaptive Visual Feedback of Movement to Engage the Mirror Neuron System," IEEE EMBC '16, Orlando, USA, 2016

Sandeep Mattappali

Sandeep is a Computer Science major at Rutgers. He is interested in understanding how the brain works and using this knowledge to develop algorithms for robotic vision and machine learning.

Research Interests:

Neurocomputing, Robotics

Becca Demcsak

Aditya Vinjamuri

Aditya is an undergraduate student majoring in Cell Biology/ Neuroscience. He is interested in one day attending medical school and conducting research in neurodegenerative disorders. He is a resident assistant on campus and an Emergency Medical Technician.

Research Interests:

Neurocomputing, Robotics

↪ Lab Alumni

Kevin Feigelis

(Summer 2016) now a PhD student, Stanford University

Jeff Ames

(Research Assistant, Jan - Aug 2016)

Anuja Sarwate

(Spring 2016, independent study)

Benjamin Maas

(Spring 2016, independent study)

Christine Chhatwal

(Spring 2016, undergraduate thesis, individualized major)