[ April 2019 ] NIH K Career Grant on Neurorehabilitation Robotics

Prof. Konstantinos Michmizos wins the NIH K Career Development Award on Neurorehabilitation Robotics. The NIH K Awards are given to Professors who have demonstrated abilities to become leaders in their field. The K Career Award ($250K, 2 years) will enable Konstantinos to combine Biological and Artificial Learning, in collaboration with Hermano Igo Krebs (MIT), Amy J. Bastian (JHU), and Matti Hamalainen (Harvard Medical School). 

[ January 2019 ] Brain Health Institute Grant Award on Computational Astrocyence

Prof. Konstantinos Michmizos wins the Brain Health Institute Grant Award for the proposal entitled "Computational Astrocyence."

This Award is in collaboration with leaders in experimental neuroscience: Cheryl Dreyfus, Zhiping Pang (Rutgers Medical School), and Bonnie Firestein (SAS Cell Biology and Neuroscience.)

[ May 2018 ] Intel Global Research Grant Award on Neuromorphic Computing

Konstantinos Michmizos wins an Intel Grant Award on Neuromorphic Computing for his single-PI proposal entitled "Spike-based Active SLAM for autonomous robots developing action habits."

Konstantinos's efforts are timely placing our Department at the center of the emerging Neuromorphic Community and introduces Rutgers as one of the 10 research universities in the world having access to Intel's unique neuromorphic chip.